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The Skin & Scent Collection

Sensitive, like the color white

  • Inspired by the beauty of white, the scent immerses your home into a feeling of purity and freshness
  • Like the first night in a freshly made bed
  • Aroma: Freesia, Iris, French Cypress, White Musk, Amber, Blackcurrant
  • Local production and hand-made

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€1,165 / kg

The harmonic unison of fragrance and care. Minimalistic and almost transparent in its purity. A set that pampers all the senses. A unique connection between a picturesque scent experience and loving skin care.

Let yourself be seduced and experience the combination of fragrance and care to revitalize your senses and pamper your skin. A unique moment of well-being and beauty for your purity and vitality.

The Scent immerses your home in delicate white freesia and vibrant iris flowers, lovingly placed on a bed of French cypress. Black currant adds a note of excitement. Over time, the gentle aromas merge with the invigorating scent of refreshing amber that envelops you and makes you feel ready for any challenge. Finally, the gentle hint of white musk unravels, coming across like a gentle breeze of confidence. Feel comfortable in your home.

The formulation of Sensitive 24h Cream offers gentle care that works. In order to restore the balance of out-of-balance skin, it is necessary to strengthen the natural protective barrier. Nature offers everything that sensitive skin requires. With our Sensitive 24h Cream, your skin is supplied with moisture throughout the day. The active ingredient complex of hemp oil, oat and chamomile extract protects your skin from external influences and makes it strong. The cream is quickly absorbed and leaves a velvety-soft feeling.

My fragrance tells a story of understated elegance and timeless purity. The combination of delicate white freesia and deep iris flowers with the intense aroma of black currant gives me a unique depth. My uniqueness is not only in my scent composition, but also in my sustainable production, which links my timeless beauty with responsibility.

When combined with my power ingredients of the cream, your sensitive skin is provided with a lot of moisture. I let redness and dry patches disappear, regenerate and protect your skin from external influences. What remains is a silky-soft and radiant complexion.

Here's how I unfold my effect: Spray me onto your pillow about 15 cm away. Let me gently soak into the fabric. Relish in my soothing scent to create an atmosphere of well-being in your home and kick off your beauty routine.

Use my gentle cream morning and evening, after cleansing. Just one pump from my sustainable glass bottle is enough. Just massage me into your skin and I'll handle the rest with my soothing and gentle ingredients.

Frau Tonis Parfum represents manufactured perfumes and has allowed fragrances to speak for themselves since 2009 - free from sex-sell campaigns and gender bias. 36 niche perfumes ranging from green to floral, citrusy or oriental unlock the olfactory memory of their wearers and bring magical memories back to the present. All fragrances are unisex, cruelty-free and handmade with love for detail.

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The Scent Home Fragrance
Sensitive 24h Creme

How long does the scent last? 

The longevity of the fragrance can vary depending on the room, but averages about 4 to 6 hours. Apply it on fabrics, such as pillows or curtains, to extend its life.

What is the pH-value of the Sensitive 24h Creme? 


we are so happy to see you here! The correct disposal of your product brings us a step closer to our mission, namely to accelerate the world's transition to sustainability. Here you can find the detailed description how each part of your product should be recycled.   
Both bottles are made from glass and should be disposed off in the bottle bank as brown glass. The label of the Fragrance and the outer packaging should be recycled in paper waste and the lid can be disposed off in the plastic waste. The label of the Sensitive 24h Creme is made from stone foil and belongs in the paper waste. 

Also, as individual products:


The Scent Home FragranceThe Scent Home Fragrance

The Scent Home Fragrance

€831.67 / kg
Sensitive 24h CreamSensitive 24h Cream

Sensitive 24h Cream

€299 / l


In the hectic pace of everyday life, we often look for moments of peace and contemplation. The idea for the Scent Home Fragrance came out of thinking to ourselves as to what matters to us during the Christmas season. We firmly believe that a home steeped in sensuality and fragrance is vital to being at ease. To make this vision a reality, we turned to Frau Tonis, an established perfume brand from Berlin that we trust completely. Her passion for fragrance and dedication to sustainability are a perfect fit for our project. Together, we developed the Home Fragrance, which will revitalize your home with purity and freshness, creating the perfect environment for your care routine.

this makes me naturally impressive

Invigorates the senses

Invigorates the senses

Immerses your home in purity and freshness


Controlled biologically sourced ingredients
Feeling of freshness

Feeling of freshness

Like the first night in a freshly made bed

The perfect routine

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