Blemished Skin

Where do blemishes come from? We explain and show to you, how you can optimally care for your skin to reduce impurities.

What does blemished skin mean?

Your skin is prone to blackheads and pimples

We generally distinguish between different skin types. The ideal and healthy condition has normal skin. All other skin types suffer from skin out of balance for a variety of reasons. External influences such as UV rays or changing temperatures are often responsible for this. However, nutrition also plays a major role in obtaining a beautiful glow. 

Blemished skin is counted among the oily skin types. Thus, it is greasier than, for example, normal or dry skin. This often manifests itself in a somewhat oily film on the surface of the skin, which is caused by excessive sebum production. Since sebum production is disturbed in blemished skin, blackheads and pimples easily develop. These irritations are unpleasant and often associated with pain. 

What causes blemished skin?

In most cases, blemished skin is caused by a disturbance in the production of sebum and increased hornification. The sebaceous glands constantly produce sebum, which is simply put fat. This is brought to the surface of your skin, protecting it from moisture loss and external influences such as UV rays or cold. Sebum production is therefore an important protective mechanism for your skin. When this mechanism is out of balance, the skin produces an excessive amount of sebum. The lower skin layers try to transport this sebum to the skin surface. This would not be a problem if the dead skin cells would disappear at the same time. But this does not happen because of the increased hornification. Thus, the sebum remains trapped in the sebaceous gland, which is the perfect breeding ground for the so-called acne bacteria. This causes pimples to form, which often hurt and do not disappear for a long time. 

Your diet has an influence on your skin's appearance

Besides hormonal fluctuations, there are many other causes of blemished skin. These include, above all, diet. Too much sugar, alcohol or cigarettes promote impure skin. In addition, our skin appearance is strongly dependent on our predisposition. So, unfortunately, it can happen that however healthy you eat, you still tend to have blemished skin.

What care does blemished skin require?

Blemished skin is out of balance and must be brought back into it. Anyone who now thinks that it is useful to apply drying cleansing and care products is mistaken. When the skin is dry or dehydrated, it reacts by producing more sebum. The goal is clear: it seeks to replenish the skin with oil and moisture. Therefore, at that moment, exactly the opposite of what you want to achieve happens. Conversely, you're only making it worse. 

To rid an impure forehead, nose and chin of pimples and blackheads, you need natural cosmetics that cleanse, strengthen and moisturize your skin. 

Less is more

As with other skin types, less is often more. Excess treatment can do more harm to your skin. As our largest organ, the skin has its own mechanisms that help it with regeneration and stabilization of the natural protective layer. If you are too aggressive here, your skin will be irritated and more likely to react with even more blemishes.

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