Our Mission

More heart in Cosmetic - that's what we stand for as HEJ ORGANIC and we incorporate this love into our products and work every day.

We believe in natural cosmetics.

We believe that your skin deserves only the best natural products. We believe that a great organic product is made up of only three things: Heart, Will and Passion. Oh, and of course the best organic ingredients.

We believe in hard work and spending time with family.

We believe you are naturally beautiful. We simply help in enhancing your beauty.

We believe that you should stay true to yourself.

We believe in connecting people through social media. #But #please #take #it #easy #on #the #hashtags.

We believe in treating the earth and all the people who live on it with respect.

We believe in more heart in cosmetics.

Our Promise

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    vegan, natural ingredients and plant based active ingredient complexes, oils and lipids.

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    PEG, SLS or parabens - synthetic colorants and fragrances - kerosenes, silicones and mineral oil

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    essential oils as perfume, natural emulsifiers and surfactants

More ♥, fewer additives: certified, vegan and animal-friendly

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    The vegan flower of the British Society guarantees that all active ingredients, oils and liquids are plant-based and our products are made without animal testing.

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    The organic seal confirms that a large part of the ingredients come from controlled organic cultivation. You can see what these are by looking at the ingredients in each of our products.

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    The NATRUE seal is now an entity all over the world when it comes to natural and organic cosmetics. NATRUE certified products are made from natural ingredients.

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