Our Mission

Naturally impressive - that is what we stand for at HEJ ORGANIC, daily letting our love for natural cosmetics flow into our products and work.

We believe in natural cosmetics.

We believe, the your skin deserves only the best Natural products. We believe that excellent biological products consist only of three things: heart, determination, and passion. Oh, and of course, only the best organic ingredients.

We believe in heart work and spending time with family.

we believe that you are naturally beautiful. We are just making sure that your beauty is shown off even more.

We believe that you should always stay true to yourself.

We believe in connections amongst humans through social media #But #please #take #it #easy #on #the #hashtags.

We believe in treating earth and all humans with respect.

We believe in naturally impressive cosmetic.

We believe that you and your skin are naturally impressive.

We believe that your skin deserves only the best and that our highly effective ingredients give provide you with a 100% natural alternative for your skincare routine. 

We believe that it is better to show yourself confidently and naturally in your naked skin than to hide behind make-up and a filter. #getnaked 

We believe in natural beauty.

Our promise

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    vegan, natural ingredients, and biological origin of all active ingredient complexes, oils, and lipids.

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    PEG, SLS, or parabens - synthetic colorants and fragrances - kerosenes, silicones, and mineral oil

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    essential oils as perfume, natural emulsifiers and surfactants

More ♥, fewer additives: certified, vegan, and animal friendly

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    The vegan flower of the British Society guarantees that all ingredients, oils, and liquids are of a vegetable nature and that all our products are cruelty-free

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    The NATRUE seal has become a worldwide instance regarding natural and ecological cosmetics. NATRUE-certified products are made from natural ingredients.

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    The cruelty-free seal confirms that animal testing has not occurred at any point in our production. This includes the production of individual and purchased active ingredients.

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