Founding story

What motivates us has not changed until today. We would like to accelerate the world's transition towards more sustainable care.

What moves us

Inspired by travels through California and Scandinavia, our co-founder Laura - together with her step-father - started intensively looking into the cosmetics market in 2015. What is contained in cosmetics that we put on our biggest organ, our skin, daily? The result was shocking. Silicones, parabens, microplastics, and mineral oil were found in too many products.

We want to change that and accelerate the transition towards more sustainable cosmetics.


We want to give natural cosmetics a new image, making them more attractive to a larger variety of people. Natural cosmetics should become a lifestyle. Thus, extraordinary designs have become part of our DNA. Reflected in our unique product design, as well as in all of our communication.

Hej Organic FAMILY

Our idea was first brought to life through family and friends -the HEJ FAMILY. We worked on the design, product, and mission together and met every Friday after work to get creative. Teamwork makes the Dream Work.

the product in focus

After falling in love with the design, we started woking on the product development. From the start, we made it our mission to produce high-quality and certified natural cosmetics sold at a fair price. In doing so, we always rely on extraordinary and highly effective ingredients. In our search, we discovered the prickly pear seed oil with which, together with our producers, we developed the Cactus line.

Founded in 2016, launched in 2017

After the establishment in 2015, 13 products were finally for sale for you in January 2017. An incredible moment of happiness. Since then, we have grown steadily and have had a great journey. The combination of design and highly effective products is still our main focus today.

Launch of the Sensitive Line in 2021

Beginning of 2021 we were finally ready to launch our second skin care range with 6 new products, specifically formulated for sensitive skin. And what makes sensitive so special? The products are made near you! Our goal was to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the entire supply chain to produce products that are as sustainable as possible. We are proud to say that the ingredients come from Europe and most of them are from Germany. Furthermore, the products are produced climate neutral.

Naturally impressive launch of Naked in 2022

In May 2022, we launched our third skincare range. With Naked, we have developed four new products and a limited set specially made for oily, blemished, and combination skin. The Naked launch also included our first 360° campaign, including digital outdoor advertisement and smart TV. We are especially proud of having achieved that as it shows our growth and how positively HEJ has developed in recent years.

Today we are a big team

with over 17 employees working with a huge portion of passion on new products and making natural cosmetics - thanks to partnerships with dm, Müller, Bund or Zalando - accessible to everyone.

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