Normal Skin

What does "normal" actually mean? Here you can find out and learn about what your skin needs.

What does normal skin actually mean?

Your skin in balance

If you have this skin type you are absolutely lucky! Normal skin has no dry or oily patches and is silky smooth with very small pores. Environmental influences can do little or sometimes even nothing to it. With normal skin, the balance of moisture and talc is in balance. Thus, no impurities or dryness arise. Moreover, this skin type is also known as Eudermie. Basically, it is more or less the optimal skin texture and absolutely healthy. In fact, the normal skin type is relatively rare. Especially younger people have this skin type. During puberty, the skin usually changes. An excessive amount of sebum is produced, which leads to impurities and oily skin. Some people are lucky enough to have their skin return to normal. However, many often continue to struggle with various skin problems afterwards. Even later in life, your skin changes every now and then.

how do you recognize normal skin?

1.The skin appears to have good circulation and a pleasing glow

2. Pores (especially around the nose and cheeks) are rather fine

3. Your skin is not sensitive to various skincare products or sun and dryness in winter

4. Blackheads and pimples appear very rarely or never

5. Your skin feels tight and not dry

How is the skin structured?

Which care does normal skin need?

Normal skin is absolutely healthy and balanced. Therefore, the main point of care is to maintain this condition in the long term. This starts first and foremost with care from the inside. A healthy diet ensures healthy skin in the long run. Environmental influences, such as the sun's rays, generally damage your skin - regardless of skin type. That's why it's important to use active ingredients in facial care for normal skin that maintains your skin's natural protective barrier. Moisture is also always crucial for your skin. A day cream that moisturizes your skin and at the same time has active ingredients that protect it from environmental influences is ideal. At night, a moisturizer is also vital for your skin to keep it permanently beautiful.

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Are you not sure if you have normal skin?

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Can I overprotect my skin?

Normal skin can withstand a lot and is yielding to uncontrolled treatment. But even this skin type does not forgive everything. Therefore, at some point, it is actually possible that you will over-care your skin. Normal skin actually needs very little care. It functions as it is supposed to function. It can moisturize itself and does not overproduce sebum. Moreover, its protective barrier is intact. But if you do a lot of exfoliating, creaming, and constantly trying something new, your skin can get out of balance. This is how normal skin quickly becomes sensitive skin. So make sure you don't overdo it, don't keep changing your creams, and use natural cosmetics. Natural, i.e. predominantly plant-based active ingredients, care for your skin very gently. Above all, they support the biological function of the skin. Conventional products often contain active ingredients that dry out your skin. This gives you the feeling that you have to constantly care for it. With natural cosmetics, such an effect is excluded. Because once the protective barrier is disturbed, you have to laboriously rebuild it. If that happens, you should give your skin a break and slowly bring it back to work by itself. Because of all the care used, it has become accustomed to no longer working on its own. Then the protective barrier can not form its natural oil film. First, in such a case, try to go entirely without care products and then switch to natural cosmetics.