HEJ ORGANIC+ is our new line of highlight products that perfectly complement our trusted natural skincare series Cactus, Sensitive, and Naked for normal, sensitive, and blemish-prone skin. Our products embody that special something and go beyond essential skincare to accentuate your natural beauty.

Your Plus One

HEJ ORGANIC+ originated from the vision of offering something special beyond conventional skincare. Our search led us to highlight products that not only complement our existing series perfectly but are also versatile in combination. Our + products elevate skincare to a new level, highlighting the best in the natural beauty of each individual. In doing so, we have remained true to our values of natural and sustainable ingredients, always.


With HEJ ORGANIC+, we focus on developing highly effective products, where the formulation consists mainly of natural ingredients that meet Natrue criteria. At the same time, in this series, we incorporate proven and innovative synthetic active ingredients, such as peptides, niacinamide, urea, or panthenol, which, although not Natrue certified, have scientifically proven efficacy in improving skin health. We firmly believe that the effectiveness and quality of our products are paramount. Even though HEJ ORGANIC+ products are not certified, you can trust that we only use the best ingredients and adhere to strict quality standards. Visually, the products distinguish themselves with striking black/gold packaging and the addition of "+", always setting them apart from our previous Natrue products. We are delighted if you have become curious and would like to join us on this journey. We are proud to offer you high-quality products that meet your expectations and support your skincare routine excellently.

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