Our values

We focus on certified natural cosmetics, as this is the only way to achieve a standard for natural cosmetic products. In this way, we want to ensure greater transparency, sustainability and safety in the cosmetics market.

Our promise

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    WITHOUT PEG, SLS or Parabens

    Synthetic dyes and fragrances, kerosenes, silicones and mineral oil

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    Vegan & animal test free

    Plant origin of all active ingredient complexes, oils and lipids

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    Essential oils as perfume

    Tested and allergen-reduced to prevent skin irritation

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    Without microplastic

    For a secure use of your cosmetic products

Certified natural cosmetics

Certified natural cosmetics eliminate everything your skin doesn't need. It contains only what your skin needs to look beautiful - without any frills. Natural cosmetics are limited to the essentials. 

Conventional cosmetics often only ensure that skin problems are covered up. Thereby, it's not about making your skin really healthy. In fact, the opposite often happens: due to the many harmful ingredients, your skin becomes even more susceptible to external influences or even loses its own power to regenerate. 

We want to strengthen your skin again!

Therefore, you will only discover ingredients in the certified natural cosmetics of HEJ ORGANIC, that make your skin naturally beautiful and radiant. All ingredients are of completely natural origin and are kind to the environment and to you. We say no to synthetic ingredients and yes to the power of nature.

Vegan & animal test free

Animal welfare is very close to our hearts. Animal testing is therefore out of the question for us and each of our products is 100% vegan. To be absolutely transparent here, the Vegan Seal and the Peta Cruelty-Free Seal confirm this. 

We want your skin to get the best natural raw materials and you can use them without a guilty conscience - combined with the security that animal welfare is protected.

Cruelty-free is not always cruelty-free

A uniform ban on animal testing has been in force in the EU since 2004. However, this should be treated with caution. For instance, it is basically still possible to sell products with ingredients that were tested on animals in the years before the ban. But not only that: there is a loophole in the current EU law. Thus, the ban on animal testing only applies to ingredients that are used exclusively for cosmetics.

Therefore, you should opt for products that come with an appropriate certificate such as the Peta Cruelty-Free seal. Only then can you be sure that the cosmetic products are truly free of animal testing.


No product can be manufactured and sold entirely without CO2. But we have made it our mission to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible and to reduce it even further in the future.
From the very beginning, we have focused on making the entire product cycle as environmentally friendly as possible. Starting with the purchase of raw materials and continuing through to the shipment of finished products.
For us, the combination of environmental friendliness and beautiful skin is a given. So when you buy our products, you can always be sure that we are doing the best for you and the environment. To accelerate our journey to CO2 neutrality, we have decided to partner with Climate Partner.

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Plastic Bank

Another partnership that is very close to our hearts is with Plastic Bank. Plastic Bank has made it their mission to rid the oceans of plastic waste. In a unique recycling system, they turn this trash back into new raw materials. We are proud to support this work.
Everyone who purchases a carbon neutral product is making a statement in the fight against global warming. In this way, you can easily be the part of a great movement.