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    PETA Approved

Our natural cosmetics certificate by NATRUE

NATRUE is a non-profit organization dedicated to the mission of protecting and promoting natural and organic cosmetics worldwide. Founding members of NATRUE included well-known names such as Wala, Weleda, Primavera and Logocos. Therefore, we proudly announce that we are part of the NATRUE team. NATRUE has been carrying out its mission since 2007 and today awards one of the most recognized certificates for natural cosmetics in the world.

We want to support NATRUE in their work and ensure that natural cosmetics is better regulated. That way you can be truly confident that you are holding a wholly natural product in your hands.

From the very beginning, we have worked with NATRUE and had our products certified by the organization. In fact, our products proudly display this certificate, visible on every package.

Learn more about NATRUE

Our collaboration with the Vegan Society

Animal welfare is very close to our hearts so the production of vegan natural cosmetics has been a must for us. As a result, it was quickly clear to us that we wanted to work with the Vegan Society.

Companies that decide to work with The Vegan Society are reviewed very closely. Unlike with other organizations, not the entire company is awarded a certificate in this instance. Rather, every individual product is checked in terms of its ingredients and is only awarded the certificate if it is completely vegan.

We proudly say that our products carry the "Vegan" symbol. Thus, you can purchase our products with a clear conscience.

Learn more about the Vegan Society

Our partnership with Climate Partner

Reducing our carbon footprint has always been essential for us! Obviously, no product in this world can be produced completely CO2-free. However, every company has the ability to keep its footprint as small as possible. Our partnership with Climate Partner was an important step towards becoming a climate-neutral company.

For this, Climate Partner calculates our CO2 emissions. In order to now balance this out, we invest an equal share in various climate protection projects around the world. These projects are completely diverse and range from reforestation in Nicaragua to water purification in India to plastic-free oceans.

Even though we can't completely eliminate CO2 emissions, this gives us the opportunity to be actively involved in climate and environmental protection. We are proud to be a climate neutral company!

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Our cosmetics is cruelty-free

Since 2009, animal testing has been banned in the EU as a matter of principle. With the Peta Approved seal, we show that we go even further than this and neither carry out nor commission or accept animal testing, even across international borders.

Learn more about PETA

Our Dermatest seal

Dermatest is a scientific seal for products which come into contact with the skin. Once a product has been awarded the seal, it gives you and your skin security and the promise of dermatologically tested and confirmed quality.

Dermatest is the first company in the world to carry out accredited epicutaneous tests under this seal. These epicutaneous tests determine whether there is any potential allergic contact and thereby test the skin compatibility of the products.