Prickly pear seed oil - the natural anti-aging remedy for firm skin!

In order for your skin to stay young, firm and radiant for a long time, it needs the right anti-aging care early on. If you prefer natural cosmetics, we have a real miracle cure for you:

Prickly pear seed oil is the secret tip for beautiful and young skin. How it counteracts wrinkles in a natural way and which ingredients are contained in the oil, will be presented to you in this article.

What is prickly pear seed oil and how is it produced?

The name already reveals where the valuable oil comes from: It is obtained from the seeds of the prickly pear. The individual shoots of the prickly pear are not only covered with a multitude of spines to ward off natural enemies, but they also grow pretty red or yellow flowers. If these are pollinated, the prickly pear grows from them. Similar to the fruit of the fig tree, which is more familiar to us, prickly pears also contain a large number of seeds. In fact, the prickly pear is somewhat similar in taste to figs from the fig tree.

To obtain prickly pear seed oil, the seeds of the fruit must first be separated from the pulp and dried. The dried kernels are then pressed to obtain the valuable oil. It is best if the kernels are cold pressed. In this way, their ingredients later develop the greatest effect.

The prickly pear seed oil is not only an intensive care for your skin or your hair, but is also used in the kitchen because of its sweet and sour taste.

Where does prickly pear seed oil come from?
The prickly pear (Opuntia ficus-indica) is originally from Mexico. The plant grows and thrives even in extreme drought. It can grow several meters high and spreads quickly. Nowadays it can be found all over the world and is also planted in Morocco or Italy.

Back in the days of the Aztecs, it was already a cultivated plant. However, the original plant had many more thorns and barbs. To make it easier to use as a cultivated plant, the natives bred the plant with fewer thorns centuries ago.

The leaves of the prickly pear are popular in South American cooking and are called "nopales". The fruits of the prickly pear are also edible and can be spooned out similar to a kiwi. However, the plant is not only a delicacy, but has also been used since time immemorial as a traditional medicinal plant against diabetes. In our country, it is increasingly added to various dietary supplements. Due to its many valuable ingredients, it is also considered a miracle product in cosmetics. This makes the prickly pear a true all-round talent.

The ingredients of prickly pear seed oil

It is no big wonder that prickly pear seed oil is so popular in cosmetic products. The list of power ingredients in the oil is long. We also rely on the positive properties of prickly pear seed oil in our vegan cosmetics. The following ingredients have positive effects on your skin and hair:

Omega-9 fatty acids

There are a total of 11 omega fatty acids. Essential for our skin are the fatty acids Omega-3, -6 and -9. Unlike Omega-3 and Omega-6, Omega-9 can be produced by our body itself. Omega-9 has a pain-reducing effect and promotes blood circulation.

Omega-6 fatty acids

Omega-6 is also known as linoleic acid. Linoleic acid belongs to the essential fatty acids, but is not produced by our body itself. If enough of it is present in our body, it helps us to heal wounds, among other things. But linoleic acid also has a lot of power when applied externally: for example, it ensures that skin irritations are reduced.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C protects your skin and organs from free radicals. In vegan cosmetics, it has been used for several years as a secret weapon against wrinkles. It has a strong antioxidant effect and ensures firm skin.


Tocopherol is known to most as vitamin E. Like vitamin C, it exhibits high antioxidant activity. Vitamin E is able to provide moisture to the top layer of the skin (stratum corneum). Thus, the skin is able to store it for a longer period of time and is better protected against external influences.

In addition to these substances, prickly pear seed oil also contains a number of valuable secondary plant substances.

Prickly pear seed oil is not comedogenic 

 Because of its many valuable fats, it could easily be assumed that prickly pear seed oil is comedogenic. But this is not the case.

 Ingredients that are comedogenic can clog your pores, leading to or exacerbating acne. Non-comedogenic cosmetics do not clog your pores. However, it does not actively counteract acne either, as is often assumed. It is quasi neutral. 

 So, if you are prone to blemished skin, you can easily use prickly pear seed oil without having to expect a worsening of your skin condition. On the contrary, acne and pimple marks are even reduced with regular use.

The effect of prickly pear seed oil
Prickly pear seed oil has a strong antioxidant effect. In fact, this has actually already been investigated and confirmed in a study.

This study concludes that the oil can prevent cell damage caused by oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs under the influence of so-called free radicals. Free radicals are a by-product of our metabolism, which, when they occur in large quantities, damage our skin. External influences such as UV radiation, stress or air pollution are fodder for free radicals.

Especially the substances betanin and indicaxathin, which are contained in prickly pear seed oil, counteract this oxidative stress and are able to rejuvenate your skin. Prickly pear seed oil thus supports your natural cell renewal and counteracts the appearance of fine lines and dark circles under the eyes. Age and pigment spots are also diminished with regular use. The same applies to acne and pimple marks.

After just a few applications, your skin will have a beautiful glow and will appear firmer and healthier. In addition, the omega fatty acids already mentioned have an anti-inflammatory effect and are thus also perfect for more sensitive skin.

Beautiful hair with prickly pear seed oil

Prickly pear seed oil not only has a positive effect on your skin. Your hair is also happy about the oil. The hair structure is smoothed and your hair gets a beautiful shine.

If you tend to dry hair, it is ideal, because the prickly pear seed oil strengthens your hair fibers. Dry scalp is also cared for by the oil. Just as with dry skin on the face, the oil has a soothing and moisturizing effect on your scalp.

The application of prickly pear seed oil
You can buy prickly pear seed oil as plain oil and then use it pure or add it to your cream.

The other option is to buy products that already contain prickly pear seed oil. This is how we do it with our vegan cosmetics. A large number of our products already contain the power ingredient. The big advantage is that you don't have to think about how much of the oil you need. We have already taken the decision away from you. Our products contain exactly the amount of prickly pear seed oil that your skin and hair need to benefit from its positive effects.

Already while cleansing with our Face Wash & Peeling Gel or the Purifying Cleansing Form you can benefit from the positive properties of prickly pear.

After cleansing your face, you can apply the Face Tonic with a cotton pad. Then, apply the prickly pear seed oil cream to your face and gently massage it into your skin. Ideally, you combine it with our eye cream. This counteracts puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. For even more prickly pear power, combine your skin care routine with our Energizer Face Serum. In our store you will also find more products that contain prickly pear seed oil, such as our shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, soap, lip balm, masks and much more.

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