Home Spa Gift Set - Your home wellness program

You are looking for the right gift for Christmas? We have something for you: our Home Spa Set. It's our biggest gift set this year and transforms the bathroom into a personal home spa in minutes. 

After a stressful year, we all long for a little more relaxation, and especially the cold winter days invite extensive bathing and care rituals. This doesn't always have to be an expensive weekend at a spa. To create a similar atmosphere at home, you only need five things:

1. Sufficient time
2. Soft light
3. Scented candles
4. Relaxing music
5. The right care products

The various natural cosmetic care products are included in our gift set and almost everyone usually carries the other items at home. To start the day at the home spa, the first thing to do is ensure a pleasant atmosphere with scented candles and music. A warm bathtub is, of course, part of the home spa. If you don't have a bathtub, a warm shower will of course provide just as much relaxation. These care products will make your day at the home spa perfect: 
1. Relaxing Shower Foam 
2. Cherishing Body Lotion 
3. The Softy Hand Cream 
4. The Lover Lip Balm 
5. Purifying Cleansing Foam 
6. Clean Beauty Eye Mask 
7. Clean Beauty Balance Mask 

This is what a day at the home spa looks like with our gift set

Open your pores while bathing or showering

Whether bathing or showering, cleansing the face and body prepares the skin for further treatments. Our Purifying Cleansing Foam frees the skin from make-up and other impurities. Thus, allowing it to breathe and opening the pores with the warm water steam. The Relaxing Shower Foam gently cleanses the body and can also easily be used in the bathtub. 

Relaxation with our face and eye mask 

Snuggled up in a bathrobe, you can relax even better after a shower or bath. Now is the time for soothing masks. The home spa set includes the Clean Beauty Balance Mask for the face and the Clean Beauty Eye Mask for the eyes. The face mask is suitable for all skin types, moisturizes and rebalances the skin. The Clean Beauty Eye Mask makes the eye area radiant and is also suitable for all skin types. 
First the Clean Beauty Eye Mask is applied to the area under the eyes followed by the face mask, which is applied to the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. In the next 15 to 20 minutes, time to relax is the order of the day. Smartphone and laptop should now be taboo. Just close your eyes and listen to some soft sounds

Moisturize the skin

After these minutes of relaxation, the masks are washed off. The face does not necessarily need any further care due to the nourishing masks. Of course, if you want, you can still apply a face cream. The Cherishing body lotion provides the body skin with plenty of moisture and makes it supple. To make the spa ritual perfect, the body lotion can be massaged into the skin gently or intensively - just as you like.

Don't forget your lips and hands

Caring for your lips and hands should also not be forgotten during a day at the home spa. Hands are gently cared for with our Softy Hand Cream. The contained argan and prickly pear seed oil provide plenty of moisture and protect the skin even in cold weather. Our Smoothing Lip Balm softens the lips - without the risk of addiction. Because in it are 100% natural ingredients that do not dry out your lips, but care for them. 

Who does the Home Spa gift set suit? 

The Home Spa gift set is suitable for all those who need a little more relaxation or who simply want to escape from everyday life for a while. The set is not linked to any particular skin type, so you can give it to anyone with pleasure. All products included in the gift set are 100% natural cosmetics and vegan. This is equally true of the other gift sets. 

Sneak Peek at the other gift sets

Still haven't discovered the perfect gift? The Home Spa gift set is the largest set this year. If you want something smaller, feel free to check out our other three gift sets. 

Care Gift Se

Our smallest gift set this year is the "Care Gift Set". It contains our Cherishing body lotion and Recharger hand soap. The body lotion provides the skin with sufficient moisture even in winter and thus protects it from the cold. With the hand soap your hands will always stay clean in winter, will be protected from drying out and will be gently cared for by various oils. As a gift, we have also included a HEJ vanilla scented candle, which immediately gives off a very natural scent in the room. Vanilla is known to have a calming effect and is a wonderful addition to the skincare ritual. 

Me-Time Gift Se

In the winter, we all slow down a bit and have more time to ourselves. More time to think and make plans and more time to do something good for ourselves. Especially the days between the years are perfect for this. We have created the Me-Time gift set precisely for these moments. It invites you to an intensive care ritual and lets you quickly forget the hustle and bustle of the pre-Christmas season. Made for those peaceful minutes with just you.  

Glow Gift Se

For the perfect glow, we have our Glow Gift Set this year. It contains everything the facial skin needs to glow beautifully. An intensively nourishing mask provides the skin with moisture. The Sensitive Oil Serum is then massaged into the skin with the jade roller. This stimulates the circulation and immediately provides a healthy glow and a rosy complexion. Christmas and New Year's Eve can come. 

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