Me-Time Gift Set - Consciously take time for yourself

Gift shopping is not always that easy. Besides, who wants to give away something meaningless again? We make it easy for you this year: With our four different gift sets featuring HEJ ORGANIC products, there's something fitting for each of your loved ones. And the best part is that all of the products are 100% natural and vegan. 
Our Me-Time gift set is suitable for everyone who wishes to have a little more time for themselves. Because that's exactly what Me-Time or Selfcare means. In your hectic everyday life, there is often no time for a little self-care. But it is important to take time for yourself in order to stay mentally healthy. Even a short period of time can be enough to feel more happy again. 
The time between Christmas and New Year is perfect for more self-care. You've already left the Christmas stress behind you and the New Year is still to come. It's the time to reflect on the old year and make plans for the next twelve months ahead. 
In addition to "cleansing" your mind, it's also the ideal time for intensive beauty routines. Because self-care also includes caring for your body. The Me-Time gift set contains everything you need to take care of yourself.  

What is included in the Me-Time gift set?

The Me-Time gift set contains a total of four products from HEJ ORGANIC for your skin care. This includes the Beautifier Face Wash & Peeling Gel, the Nourishing Face Tonic, the intensely nourishing Sensitive Oil Serum and the Sensitive 24h Face Cream. 

What makes the Beautifier Face Wash & Peeling Gel special?

A facial peeling is an indispensable part of an extensive care routine. It gently removes dead skin cells and cleanses the facial skin deep into the pores. This way, the skin is ideally prepared for further care products. In our Beautifier Face Wash & Peeling, the exfoliating effect is created by castor beads. They gently yet effectively cleanse the skin. With these ingredients, the peeling is also particularly suitable for sensitive skin types. 

What makes the Nourishing Face Tonic special?

To ensure that your skin is truly free of any impurities and make-up residues after exfoliation, our Face Tonic comes into play. Many conventional toners dry out the skin on your face. With HEJ ORGANIC, this is different. Our Face Tonic intensively cleanses the skin while nourishing it with prickly pear seed oil and argan oil. After application, the skin feels intensively cleansed and nourished.

What makes Sensitive Oil Serum special 

After the Face Tonic, the skin is ready for an extra portion of care. In a serum, the various active ingredients are concentrated and thus provide particularly intensive care. Our Sensitive Oil Serum contains the power active ingredients of hemp oil, oat extract and chamomile extract. Hemp oil protects the natural skin barrier, oat extract provides plenty of moisture and chamomile extract acts against inflammation and redness. Sensitive Oil Serum is quickly absorbed and leaves the face glowing. 

What makes Sensitive 24h Cream special 

The me-time care routine should then be finished with a nourishing face cream. Our 24h Face Cream harmonizes perfectly with our Sensitive Oil Serum. It is important to apply another care product after the serum, as serums are designed to be lighter so that they can penetrate deeper into the skin. Creams, on the other hand, are designed to be a bit heavier to provide more moisture. With our 24h Face Cream, the skin is nourished with persimmon fig seed oil and argan oil. To prevent the first small wrinkles and make the skin look firmer, hyaluronic acid is also included. 

The 24h cream and our oil serum are the perfect duo. If you like, you can also mix the oil serum directly with the 24h cream and apply both together.

Who does the Me-Time gift set fit?

Our gift sets are designed to fit any skin type. So you can please your girlfriend, boyfriend, colleagues or family members without fear that the gift will not fit. 

You can give the Me-Time Set to those who have been more stressed than usually lately and who you just want to have some more time all to themselves

Sneak peek at the other gift sets 

Still haven't found the perfect gift? Check out our other three gift sets. There is definitely something suitable there for Christmas.

Care Gift Set

The Care Gift Set is ideal if you are looking for a small gift. In this set you will find two of our most popular products: The Cherishing Bodylotion and the Recharger Hand Soap. The Cherishing Bodylotion provides the skin with a lot of moisture in winter. This protects it from cold and drying heating air. Hand soap is always needed - ours has the advantage that it does not dry out the skin, but keeps it soft. Also included as a gift in this set is the HEJ candle. This one smells naturally like vanilla and immediately provides more relaxation.

Glow Gift Set

In the most festive time of the year, we all long for a little more Glow. The Glow Gift Set includes the Sensitive Oil Serum, an intensely nourishing mask and the HEJ Jaderoller. Used together, but also separately, they provide the facial skin with a beautiful glow even in cold temperatures. 

Home Spa Gift Set

Who doesn't want a relaxing day at the spa during the cold season? Our Home Spa Gift Set will transform your home into a spa. It contains everything you need to care for your body and face and let your mind rest. The skin is pampered with gentle cleansing foam, nourished with a body lotion and the masks provide intensive care. In addition, you will find many other HEJ ORGANIC care products in the set, which protect the skin in winter.

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