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The Unique Ghassoul Mask

Just like from a thousand and one nights...

  • Skin type: Any skin type
  • 100% Moroccan lava clay (Ghassoul)
  • Binds grease and dirt
  • Deep pore cleansing
  • Helps against impurities

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Moroccan lava clay, also known as Ghassoul, has been considered the beauty secret of the Orient for thousands of years. Moroccan clay has a beautiful purifying effect that makes your complexion glow. As you wear it, it penetrates deep into your pores for an intense but gentle cleanse. When you wash it off, it acts as an exfoliant at the same time, leaving your skin feeling velvety soft. In addition, Ghassoul has an anti-inflammatory and germicidal effect. As a result, it can fight impurities or prevent them from occurring in the first place.

The story behind the product

How pure can facial care be? As pure as it can be! That was precisely our idea for the Unique Ghassoul Mask. Because less is often more. And that's precisely why you'll find nothing but high-quality Moroccan lava clay in our Unique Ghassoul Mask. So your skin gets exactly what it needs and no more. The "purest" mask you can find!

I am entirely pure, cleansing your skin deep into the pores and providing gentle exfoliation.


The Moroccan lava clay contained in me has been considered an absolute beauty secret for thousands of years. When you apply me, I slowly unfold my effect. Your skin is gently freed from dirt and grease. However, because I am so natural, I don't strip your skin of oil; I just take away the excess. I am free of any additives, making me ideal for sensitive skin.

Fill me with a small amount of water or our Nourishing Face Tonic. Mix everything well and apply the homogeneous paste on your face, neck and décolleté. Afterwards, leave me on for about 10 to 15 minutes. Following, wet your hands with warm water and gently massage me in again. This exfoliates your skin and frees it from excess flakes of skin. Then wash me off with lukewarm water. If you like, you can apply our Cactus Allrounder 24H cream afterwards.

Moroccan Lava Clay – Rhassoul Clay – Helps to polish or exfoliate your skin and thickens up the product

What can I use to mix the Ghassoul Earth? 

 Besides water, you can also use our Clarifier Face Tonic. Together with the liquid, stir the Ghassoul in a small bowl or directly in the sachet and then apply it to the face and décolleté.

My skin tightens during application - is this normal? 

 Yes, the Ghassoul clay dries on your skin, which can lead to a feeling of tightness. Some people experience it more significantly; others are hardly bothered by it. If it feels uncomfortable to you, remove the mask a few minutes earlier. Even if your skin feels tight during the application, you will notice how wonderfully soft your skin has become due to the mask after removing it. Moreover, it also feels intensely cleansed.

Can I use the mask on dry skin? 

 We would instead recommend our Clean Beauty Balance Mask or our Ultra Hydrator Sheet Mask for dry skin. Both will moisturize your dry skin. The earth in the Ghassoul Mask can possibly dry your skin out even more and thus promote the reoiling more than in its natural development.


we are so happy to see you here! The correct disposal of your product brings us a step closer to our mission, namely to accelerate the world's transition to sustainability. Here you can find a detailed description how which part of your product should be recycled.

The finished product should be disposed off in the plastic waste.

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