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Get Naked Kit 

... naturally impressive products in one set!

  • Skintype: especially suitable for blemished, oily and combination skin   
  • For an even complexion
  • Especially gentle and moisture-retaining
  • High effectiveness
  • 100 % fragrance-free and natural  
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Naked stands for more freedom, sustainability and confidence. We want you to feel comfortable in your own skin and have developed the naturally impressive products in our Naked Series to support you on your journey.

The Naked truth is: you and your skin are naturally impressive

Our Get Naked Kit is a limited edition containing our new, naturally impressive Naked products.

If your skin type tends to be blemished oily, or combination skin, this set is the ideal match for your needs. Say goodbye to impurities and show yourself in your naked skin, fully confident and without a filter. Three entirely new Naked products will help you get there: the Naked Remove it All Micellar Cleansing Water for pore-deep cleansing of your skin. The Naked Glow Boosting Face Serum to support your face’s natural cell regeneration and leave you with a great glow effect. Lastly, the Naked Instant Pore Refining Face Cream to achieve a particularly even complexion. In addition to that we are giving you two sustainable Reusable Cotton Pads by Treu Textil in this set to use during your daily face cleansing or for applying face serums. Our Naked care series is fragrance-free and contains 100% natural and highly effective ingredients. With Naked, discover a new way to your skin routine #getnaked.

The Story Behind the Product

We believe that the best ingredients for your skin are found in nature. Thus, our products are 100% natural. Moreover, we are constantly and passionately searching for the best active ingredients for your unique skin needs. This is how our Naked series came to life. Our goal was to create a line that will help you feel more comfortable in your naked skin. In fact, the name of our new line Naked simply reflects the way we would like to see your skin. We believe that retouching blemishes and constantly using filters is outdated. You and your skin are naturally stunning. Through Naked, we strive to express self-love and self-confidence.

I am a set specially designed for oily, blemished and combination skin. I contain all our new Naked products plus reusable cotton pads for your face. My products will help you feel comfortable in your skin and provide you with more self-confidence, freedom and naturalness. All my highly effective formulas offer you a 100% natural alternative for your daily skincare routine.  

Squalane, azelaic acid, organic baby apricot extract, vitamin C and bakuchiol.

  1. Naked Remove it all Micellar Cleansing Water: Apply me morning and evening to your reusable cotton pad and gently sweep it over your face, eyes and lips.

  1. Naked Glow Boosting Face Serum: Apply me on your face after cleansing (about 2-3 drops). And don’t forget to shake me well before use!

  1. Naked Instant Pore Refining Face Cream: Apply me morning and evening after your cleansing routine and gently massage me into your skin.

You can find the ingredients on the product page of each respective product.

How often should I need to change/wash the pads?  

You should wash the reusable pads after each use to avoid the build-up of bacteria.  

How do I best wash the pads?

It's best to collect the pads in a laundry bag and put them in the washing machine with your towels. They can withstand temperatures up to 60 degrees.  

How long can I use the pads for?    

You can wash the pads about 200-300 times before they lose their quality.  

Why are these pads more sustainable than the ones from regular drug stores?

Unlike conventional cleaning pads, these reusable pads can be washed and reused hundreds of times before being thrown away. Thereby saving resources for manufacturing and producing less waste.     


we are so happy to see you here! The correct disposal of your product brings us a step closer to our mission, namely, to accelerate the world's transition to sustainability. Here you can find a detailed description how which part of your product should be recycled.

You can simply dispose of the outer packaging in the paper waste. The bottles are made of glass and therefore belong in the used glass container as brown glass. The labels on the bottles are made of stone foil and belong in the plastic waste. Moreover, you can simply dispose of the pump in the plastic waste.  

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@anadelimadiary liebt unsere Naked Serie.

Influencers Pick

We live in a world that is highly influenced by media. Thus, we are confronted daily with “perfect” faces and often do not notice the filters that make the skin look incredibly smooth and spotless. Therefore, we often feel uncomfortable in our natural, naked skin. We want to change that sentiment and help you love your skin just like it is so that you do not have to feel like you need to hide behind makeup or social media filters. Because the Naked truth is: You and your skin are naturally impressive, just as our new Naked series! Small blemishes or impurities make you unique and you should be confident and proud of that! Naked supports you in feeling more comfortable in your skin and underlines your natural beauty. For more confidence and naturalness in our daily lives.

The story behind naked

Wir leben in einer Welt, die stark durch Social Media geprägt wird. Dadurch schauen wir täglich in hunderte perfekte Gesichter und oft fällt kaum auf, dass ein Filter dabei die Haut besonders glatt und makellos aussehen lässt. Das führt bei uns dazu, dass wir uns in unserem natürlichen, nackten Hautbild oft einfach nicht wohlfühlen. Wir wollen aber, dass du deine Haut so liebst, wie sie ist und dich nicht hinter Make-up oder Social Media Filtern verstecken musst. Die nackte Wahrheit ist nämlich: Du und deine Haut seid natürlich beeindruckend, genau wie unsere neue Naked-Serie! Kleine Makel oder Fehler machen dich einzigartig und das sollst du auch selbstbewusst zeigen! Naked unterstützt dich einfach dabei, dich wohler in deiner nackten Haut zu fühlen und unterstreicht deine natürliche Schönheit. Für mehr Selbstbewusstsein und Natürlichkeit im Alltag.

this makes me naturally impressive

Bakuchiol instead of Retinol

Bakuchiol instead of Retinol

Refines your complexion without irritating your skin

100% fragrance-free and natural

100% fragrance-free and natural

100% fragrance-free, natural, vegan
and NATRUE certified

Natural Hero

Natural Hero

Besonders mild durch Bio-Baby-Aprikosenextrakt

The Perfect Routine

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