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The Beautifier Face Wash & Peeling Gel

Highlights your beauty...

  • Skin type: Any skin type
  • Cleanses the skin pore-deep
  • Helps against impurities
  • Gentle peeling (also for sensitive skin)
  • With prickly pear seed oil & prickly pear flower water

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€51.60 / l

When our skin renews itself, dead skin cells are left behind. We don't see them, but they hinder our skin from breathing and regenerating. With our Wash & Peeling Gel, your skin is cleansed and gently freed from dead skin cells with the help of castor beads. Your pores can breathe freely again, and impurities have no chance. Already during washing, your skin is cared for with our Wash & Peeling Gel: It contains prickly pear seed oil and prickly pear flower water, which supply your skin with moisture and store it for a long time. So you're optimally prepared for your skincare routine.

The story behind the product

We believe that nature provides the best active ingredients for your skin. That's why our products are 100% natural. We are constantly searching for the best active ingredients for individual skin needs. With our cleaning and care products of the Cactus series, our goal was to create suitable products for almost every skin type and protect your skin from premature ageing and external influences such as sun rays. In doing so, we came across the prickly pear. The prickly pear not only has wonderful properties for skincare but is also very sustainable. It grows in the most challenging conditions and needs very little water. This allows us to combine our goal of optimal natural skincare with a high level of sustainability.

Say "goodbye" to pimples and blackheads and ensure even and radiant skin!

Prickly pear seed oil & cactus flower water

We are both extracted from the prickly pear cactus and its flowers. We keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. We also help your skin better retain its own moisture. With the many vitamins and botanicals contained in the oil, an antioxidant effect is created that can prevent your skin from premature wrinkles. 

Grapefruit Extract 

Obtained from the seeds of grapefruit, I make your skin velvety and soft. I also have an inhibitory effect on bacteria, helping to combat blemished skin. 

Castor Beads 

I make your skin velvety-soft and stimulate collagen production. Thus, I counteract premature ageing of the skin.

Moisten your face with lukewarm water and massage me with gentle, circular movements. Then wash me off with lukewarm water. The water should never be too hot when washing your face; otherwise, it will harm your skin.

Aqua – Water - Dissolves many of the ingredients that impart skin benefits

Opuntia Ficus-Indica Flower Extract* - Prickly pear blossom water - rich in essential fatty acids, nourishes and protects the skin

Glycerin – Glycerol – Moisturizes and helps to maintain the healthy state of our skin

Sodium Coco-Sulfate - Ester from sulfuric acid and coconut fatty alcohols (sodium salt) - Helps the product spread easily and evenly, acts as a cleansing ingredient

Coco-Glucoside - Vegetable origin (coconut kernel oil) cleansing agent – Gives moderate to high stable foam

Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate - Reaction product of glutamic acid with coconut fatty acids – Helps create mild cleansing formulas

Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate – Disodium ..." refers to a disodium salt.

The part of the name "Cocoyl" means that the ingredient can be used as a fatty acid component. Contains fatty acids from coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera Oil) (usually introduced via an acylation reaction). Glutamates are salts or esters of glutamic acid (2-aminopentanedioic acid, an amino acid). – Used as a cleanser for the skin

Opuntia Ficus-Indica Seed Oil* - Prickly pear seed oil - Helps to regenerate cells and makes the skin appear younger.

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil* - Argan Oil – Greatly nourishes and moisturizes skin and hair, revitalized and improves skin elasticity

Hydrogenated Castor Oil - “Hydrogenated” means: treated with hydrogen (hydrogenated). Ingredient based on castor oil (Ricinus Communis Seed Oil). – Serves as an emollient and consistency building ingredient

Citrus Paradisi Fruit Extract* - Grapefruit – Has an astringent, detoxifying and connective tissue strengthening effect

Acacia Senegal Gum - Acacia (also: throntrees or wattles) – Creates a film on skin, hair or nails

Xanthan Gum - Fermentation product based on natural microorganisms – One of the most common thickener and emulsion stabilizer

p-Anisic Acid – P-Anisic Acid – Masks certain smells of the product, used as a preservative and works against fungi

Levulinic Acid – Levulinic Acid – Makes the product smell nice

Potassium Sorbate - Potassium Sorbate – Acts as a preservative so that your cosmetic products do not go wrong too soon

Citric Acid – Citric Acid – Is an AHA and acts as an exfoliant, gently lifting off dead skin cells of your skin

Parfum - Perfume – Improves the smell of a product

Limonene** - Limonene – Makes the product smell nice

Linalool** - Linalool – Makes the products smell nice

Citral** - Citral – Fragrance ingredient that smells like lemon 

Are there micro-plastics in the peeling? 

No, none of our products contains micro-plastics. Even with the peeling we rely on a natural peeling structure. In this case, it is generated from dried castor oil. It removes dead skin cells and nourishes your skin at the same time.

The granulation is not that strong, is that normal? 

Yes, we have developed a soft peeling which can also be used as a washing gel.


we are so happy to see you here! The correct disposal of your product brings us a step closer to our mission, namely to accelerate the world's transition to sustainability. Here you can find a detailed description how which part of your product should be recycled.

The finished product should be disposed off in the plastic waste. 

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