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The Selflove Kit

Dein Spa-Moment für Zuhause: Cactus Face Serum & Jaderoller

  • Hauttyp: Alle Hauttypen
  • Jade-Stein mit ausgleichender Wirkung auf die Sinne
  • belebt die Haut, strafft sie und verleiht ihr einen strahlenden Glow
  • unterstützt die Aufnahmefähigkeit von Seren & Gesichtsmasken
  • Face Serum versorgt die Haut mit intensiver Feuchtigkeit
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Contents: The Energizer Face Serum, 30ml + Jade Roller.

Our Selfove Kit delivers a mini spa moment straight to your home: our Energizer Face Serum with prickly pear seed oil promotes a firmer, smoother complexion. By massaging the skin with the Jade Roller, the serum will be ideally absorbed into the skin.

This is the perfect double pack. The Energizer Face Serum gives you a fresh look with highly concentrated active ingredients such as prickly pear seed oil, prickly pear flower water and argan oil, and provides you with plenty of moisture throughout the day and night. The Jade Roller is the perfect accessory for applying the serum. Apply the serum to your face first and gently roll the Jade Roller over your face from the center outward for a few minutes. Don't forget to clean your roller with water or a cloth afterwards!
Apply my serum to your face in the morning and evening after cleansing. Use my Jade Roller to massage the serum into your face. If needed, follow with your daily skincare routine. Ingredients You can find the ingredients on the product page of the respective product.


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The bottle is made of glass and therefore belongs in the bottle bank as brown glass. The pump, lid and tube can simply be disposed of in the plastic waste. 

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