Glow Gift Set - How to get naturally radiant skin

Christmas is approaching week by week and so is gift shopping. The search for the ideal gift is not always easy - with so many choices, it's hard to find something suitable.

To help you find a gift which is also good for the environment, we've designed four individual HEJ ORGANIC gift sets, so that you can find something suitable for each of your loved ones. 

Our Glow gift set ensures radiant skin. But what actually is a beautiful glow? Skin with "glow" looks healthy, glows from within and is optimally supplied with moisture and nutrients. "Glow" is given to the skin not only by a healthy diet, but also by the right skin care. Everybody enjoys a great glow when the weather is cold and wet and the sky is grey. And it is exactly this glow that our Glow Gift Set brings to your face. 

What is included in the Glow gift set? 

In the Glow Gift Set you will find a total of three products from HEJ ORGANIC: Our Sensitive Oil Serum, the Perfect Complexion Sheet Mask and the Glow Getter Jade Roller. 

What makes the Sensitive Oil Serum special 

The Sensitive Oil Serum provides the skin with an extra portion of moisture. In the serum, the active ingredients contained are highly concentrated. To make the skin glow,youneeds a lot of moisture hemp oil, oat and chamomile extract are perfect ingredients for that. The Sensitive Oil Serum is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving an oily film. Due to its formula, our Sensitive Oil Serum is able to optimally care for sensitive skin and make irritations and redness disappear. Thus, the facial skin immediately looks healthy and gets a beautiful glow.  

What makes the Perfect Teint Sheet Mask special 

Our Perfect Teint Sheet Mask provides a relaxing 15 minutes and also makes the skin glow with pineapple. The naturally contained bromelain has an exfoliating effect that rids the skin of dead skin cells. Once the dead cells are gone, the skin can glow again. In addition, the cotton fleece mask is soaked with argan oil, rose water and cistus. These ingredients moisturize the skin and counteract inflammation. After the mask, the Sensitive Oil Serum can be massaged in with the jade roller: This way the glow becomes perfect! 


What makes the Glow Getter Jaderoller special.

In traditional Chinese medicine, facial rollers made of healing stones have been used since the 7th century. With our Glow Getter Jaderoller, the skin of the face is massaged in a gentle way. This promotes blood circulation in a completely natural way and a well-circulated skin looks rosier and plumper. This is exactly what we want for your skin when people talk about the "perfect glow". The Glow Getter Jade Roller has a small and a large roller. The small roller is meant for the eye area and makes puffiness disappear quickly. The larger roller is used for the rest of the face. The rule is - always roll from the center to the outside of the face. To enhance the effect of the Sensitive Oil Serum and connect it with the skin in the best possible way, you can massage it into your skin with the Jade Roller.  


Who is the Glow gift set suited for? 

Anyone who wants beautiful and radiant skin will be happy to receive the Glow gift set. Whether you're giving it to your girlfriend, boyfriend, family members or colleagues, we've designed our Christmas gift sets to be suitable for every skin type. So you don't have to worry about gifting the wrong thing. Plus, with the set you have the opportunity to inspire others for natural cosmetics and thus also for more sustainable lifestyle. The Glow gift set is ideal for cold winter months and the most festive time of the year.  

Sneak peek at the other gift sets

Still looking for the perfect gift? Then check out our other three Christmas gift sets:

Care Gift Set 

The Care Gift Set is our smallest gift set this year. It contains two of our bestsellers: the Cherishing Body Lotion and the Recharger Hand Soap. In winter, skin needs a lot of moisture, for which the Cherishing Bodylotion is the perfect partner. Hand soap is always needed and our Recharger Hand Soap has the advantage of keeping skin soft instead of drying it out. As a gift, we've also included the HEJ Candle, which has an all-natural vanilla scent that will instantly relax you during your grooming routine and, of course, any other time.

Me-Time Gift Set 

In the winter, we all slow down a bit and have more time to ourselves. More time to think and make plans and more time to do something good for ourselves. Especially the days between the years are perfect for this. We have created the Me-Time gift set precisely for these moments. It invites you to an intensive care ritual and lets you quickly forget the hustle and bustle of the pre-Christmas season. Made for those peaceful minutes with just you.  

Home Spa Gift Set 

Not everyone has a spa around the corner and some people prefer to make themselves comfortable at home anyway. That's exactly what our Home Spa Gift Set is made for. It contains everything you need for an extensive and relaxing day at the home spa. Turn on the bath water and pamper yourself with gentle cleansing foam, nourishing body lotion, soothing masks and other great skincare products that will provide your skin with everything it needs when it's cold. 

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