The Hej Organic Story

HEJ, it‘s us.

Natural cosmetics for a new generation.

How come that natural cosmetics often look so uninspired and boring? Is it really true that sustainable ingredients and modern design just don’t fit together? No way! This conviction gave us the impetus for a cosmetic series that combines natural care and the lifestyle of a new generation.

Gripped by this idea, we started our Friday evening meetings with designer friends and created the logo, slogan and a unique product design: the tapered bottle as HEJ ORANIC’s visual hallmark. At the same time, the products were being prepared – exclusively made from natural, vegan ingredients, without animal tests and in cooperation with local producers.

By and by, HEJ ORGANIC became a real “love brand”, even for ourselves. The product, originally planned as a white label solution, had turned into the vision of our first very own cosmetics brand. And, as is right and proper for any genuinely good vision: it became reality!

In 2016, HEJ ORGANIC was founded in Dortmund and Hamburg as a subsidiary of the well-established natural cosmetics company BRANDPUR. Our team has diverse professional backgrounds like advertising, production, finance and design. Our goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable care.

This is what we stand for: More heart in cosmetics

Your HEJ ORGANIC Family.

Laura Rath Hej Organic

Laura Rath, Co-Founder & Director Marketing
“We want to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable care. That’s why we put all of our passion and heart in our products.”