The Hej Organic Mission

We believe in organic vegan cosmetic.

We want to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable care. This is what drives us and defines our mission. We stand for certified organic cosmetics, the best ingredients and fair cooperatives.

Our Mission.

Hej Organic Logo

We believe that your skin deserves only the best organic products.

We believe that a great organic product is only made from three things: Heart, will and passion. Oh, and of course organic ingredients.

We believe in hard working people and in cherishing our families.

We believe that you are beautiful. We are only the last touch, the icing on the cake.

We believe in connecting people through social media. #But #please #take #it #easy #on #the #hashtags.

We believe that you should be who you are.

We believe in respecting the earth through organic.

We believe in more heart in cosmetic.

More ♥, less additives: certified organic, vegan and animal-friendly.

International seals prove our point: sometimes it requires a lot of nope for a big YES! Most importantly, no animal products, no animal testing and no unnatural additives.

  • Certified by the vegan society

    The vegan flower of the British Society guarantees that all active ingredients, oils and liquids are of herbal origin and no animal testing is involved in the developing process.

  • Kosmetik mit natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen

    The bio seal confirms that all ingredients are from controlled organic cultivation and are free from PEG, SLS and parabens.

  • Naturkosmetik-Siegel

    The NATRUE label has become a point of reference for authentic Natural and Organic Cosmetics worldwide. It certifies that all ingredients are natural, with essential oils as fragrance, with natural emulsifying agents and tensids, without synthetic colouring agents and fragrances and without paraffin, silicon and mineral oil.

100% vegan
100% natural ingredients
0% PEG, SLS and Parabens
0% paraffin, silicon and mineral oil
0% synthetic colouring agents and fragrances
With herbal origin of all active ingredients complexes, oils and lipids
With essential oils as fragrances
With natural emulsifying agents and tensids

A beautiful product, in- and outside: discover our ingredients.

Great organic products are only made from two things: a good heart and a strong will. Oh, and of course, organic ingredients. There is one unique hero in our new skin care series: the cactus and its prickly pear oil and blossom water. It is surrounded by a gang of other high-quality natural ingredients – adding up to some wonderful products that make everybody feel good and healthy.

  • Bio Arganöl für eine schöne Haut Hej Organic Naturkosmetik

    Organic Argan Oil

    Ready for a long life of happiness and good looks? Trust the large proportion of vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids in argan oil, it is an effective anti-ageing source. Antioxidants protect the skin against free radicals and environmental influences.

  • Koenzym Q10 und weitere natürliche Wirkstoffe in Pulverform


    Sunshine, here we come. Acacia senegal and hydrolyzed rhizobian gum tighten the skin, reduce redness and work as a natural sunscreen.

  • Bio Grapefruitextrakt Hej Organic Naturkosmetik

    Organic Grapefruit Extract

    The grapefruit has strong antiseptic and antioxidant effects due to its large proportion of vitamin C and E. By the way, a bite of the raw fruit every now and then is a great support for your immune system.

  • Ghassoul Lavaerde Hej Organic Naturkosmetik


    Shhhh, here is an ancient beauty secret: the ground ghassoul clay absorbs oil and dirt. It nourishes, strengthens and cleanses the skin down to the pores.

  • Wertvolles Bio Kaktusfeigenkernöl Hej Organic Naturkosmetik

    Organic Prickly Pear Oil and Prickly Pear Blossom Water

    Both key components of the CACTUS series bring a rich combination of essential fatty acids to your skin care, 85 % of these unsaturated. They help to regenerate the cells and keep your skin youthful. (And if you ever fall into a cactus, they ensure a fast healing of bruised skin.)

  • Augentrost spendet Feuchtigkeit Hej Organic Naturkosmetik


    As a special ingredient for our eye cream, eyebright has a moisturizing effect and helps to reduce dryness and tension. And yes, it sure will make your eyes shine bright!

Starting point: fairness.

Before your HEJ ORGANIC product comes anywhere near your skin, it has met a lot of hands who have worked together passionately to make it great: this is the story of our cooperatives.

Argan oil is made from the kernels of the argan tree

Handed over from generations.

Taking over the tradition of our mother company BRANDPUR, we have started HEJ ORGANIC with a deep belief: local producers have to be paid fairly and be supported in their own methods and cultural heritage. Take one important ingredient of our skin care series, the argan oil…

How Argan oil is made in Marocco

…The ancient trees are an essential source of income for the Berber families in Morocco, whose women have produced oil from the argan nuts for generations. Instead of harvesting the raw nuts, we buy the excellent argan oil from the local producers – preserving economic structures as well as flora and fauna.