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Sensitive 24h Cream Travel Size

A sensitive all-rounder, on duty for you day and night....

  • Designed for on-the-go or to test the product
  • Supports the balance of your skin barrier and hydrates deeply
  • Quickly absorbing texture
  • Skin type: especially for sensitive skin
  • Allergen reduced fragrance oil, 100% vegan and natural.

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About the product


we are so happy to see you here! The correct disposal of your product brings us a step closer to our mission, namely to accelerate the world's transition to sustainability. Here you can find a detailed description how which part of your product should be recycled.

The bottle is made from glass and should be disposed off in the bottle bank as brown glass. The label is made of stone foil and belongs in the plastic waste. The pump can easily be thrown into the plastic waste as well and the outer packaging should be disposed of in the paper trash.

I am also available in a full size:

This makes me naturally impressive

Made near you

Made near you

Local raw material sourcing and sustainable packaging
Chamomile extract

Chamomile extract

Besonders sanft und intensive Feuchtigkeit 

Pleasant skin feeling

Pleasant skin feeling

Zieht schnell ein und wirkt gegen Rötungen

The perfect routine

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