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Why are we working with Natrue?

NATRUE is a non-profit organisation with the mission to protect and support natural and organic cosmetics around the world. Founding members of NATRUE have known names such as Wala, Weleda, Primavera or Logocos. We are more than happy to call ourselves part of NATRUE. The organisation has been following their mission since 2007 and hands out one of the most recognized certificates for natural cosmetics.

We would like to support NATRUE in their work and help in improving the regulation of natural cosmetics. Thus, giving you the security that you are really using a completely natural product.

We have collaborated with NATRUE since the beginning and have certified our products by them. Our products are proud to present the certification, which you can find on every packaging.

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Our collaboration with the Vegan Society

Animal welfare is an essential topic to us making the vegan production of our products a necessity. Thus, we realized quickly that we would like to collaborate with the Vegan Society.

Companies that decide to work with the Vegan Society are being closely monitored. In contrast to other organizations that provide the whole company with a certification, every product and its ingredients are tested. On this basis, only fully vegan products will receive the certification.

We are proud to say that our products carry the "vegan" symbol. Therefore, allowing you to buy our product with a clear conscience.

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Our collaboration with Climate Partner

The reduction of our CO2 footprint has always been important to us! Of course, no product in this world can be produced completely without CO2. But every company is capable of keeping its footprint to a minimum. Our partnership with Climate Partner was an important step towards becoming a climate-neutral company. 

For achieving this, Climate Partner calculates our CO2 emissions. To balance this out we now invest an equal share in various climate protection projects around the world. The projects are absolutely diverse and range from reforestation in Nicaragua over water treatment in India to plastic-free oceans. 

Even though we can't completely eliminate CO2 emissions, this gives us the opportunity to be actively involved in climate and environmental protection. We are proud to be a climate neutral company!

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