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The Sheet Mask Set

The right mask for every mood...


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About this Product

3 in 1 - Our set with no less than three high-quality cloth masks made of organic fleece. Firstly, the Relaxer has a balancing and calming effect. Secondly, the Perfect Complexion makes you glow. Last but not least, the Ultra Hydrator provides extra moisture.

There are three masks for you in this set

The Relaxer Second Skin Sheet Mask, 18g

The Ultra Hydrator Second Skin Sheet Mask, 18g

The Perfect Complexion Second Skin Sheet Mask, 18g. 

A complete kit for your intensive care. In this set you will find three of our masks containing effective ingredients to give you that beautiful skin experience.

The Relaxer with green tea extract, wakame, castor oil and hemp oil protects your skin from external environmental influences and premature aging.

The Ultra Hydrator contains oat milk extract, St. John's wort, amaranth and hemp oil, making it the ideal intensive hydrating mask with anti-aging effects for sensitive skin.

The Perfect Complexion revitalizes your skin, softens fine lines and gives you an instant glow with active ingredients such as pineapple, argan oil, rose water and cistus.

Before you apply me, start by cleaning your face with warm water. This opens the pores, thus allowing my nourishing active ingredients to better penetrate the skin. Then take me out of the protective cover, remove the colored protective foil and fit me to the contour of your face with your hands. Sit back for 15 minutes, so I can take full effect. Remove me afterwards. You can gently massage the remaining serum into your skin or remove it with a cotton pad.

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